Khalid Balkhi

Digital Technologist

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world by total area. Based in Dubai, and managed by Emaar Malls Group, the property is renowned for its luxury fashion brands, amazing experiences and central to Downtown Dubai.

Wayfinding at The Dubai Mall

The indoor wayfinding solution engages the iOS & Android app audiences of the mall’s official app, adding value to the mall visitors with easy navigation through the world’s largest mall. Delivered in short agile sprints, the solution reached MVP in early April, and continually updated to include Points of Interests, amenities, and increased precision to be within 20cm of the current indoor location.

To cover an indoor space of 4.4 million square feet, 3,000 long-life Bluetooth beacons are fingerprinted and Google coordinates compliments the system from outdoor to indoor navigation. Navigation begins from any point in the world to the most optimal entrance, through the car parks, to the set destination with the use of the Bluetooth technology, assisted by indoor Wi-Fi network.

With over 30% journey completion rate captured, this product allows us to infer customer preferences and interests through the journey and destination.

Digital Signage

To ease customer journey in the largest mall in the world, the project is to assess, recommend & address physical signage within The Dubai Mall’s infrastructure. Assessment & recommendations for …