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Emaar Unified Wi-Fi

The Unified Wi-Fi project connects all consumer verticals under the Emaar umbrella – Properties, Malls, Hospitality, Retail & Entertainment – beginning with The Dubai Mall.

The initial MVP was a revision of the login process, reducing the required fields down from 2 pages to a single page consisting of 2 required fields and an option to sign in with Social Media (Facebook API). This simplification of the process reduced the barrier for mall visitors to utilise the service, doubling connected users within the first month.

Further improvements soon followed, scaling up the service to other Emaar assets indoor & outdoor, which auto-connects consumers with local SSID once an initial authentication has been made on any Emaar Unified Wi-Fi service.

The benefits of this is a truly seamless experience of Emaar customers across assets and providing reliable data to the Business Intelligence initiative to provide more value back to our customers.

This solution also allows us to provide among others, the ability to automatic check-in with facial recognition to our hotel guests, communication channel to our customers, marketing analysis, and the option of in-store Wi-Fi service sponsorship by mall tenants.

TDM WiFi Connect Page
TDM WiFi Connect Page

Key stats:

  • Single Sign-On across all assets
  • Immediate user connectivity identification
  • 20,000 Wi-Fi Access Points
  • 10Gbps Internet Access
  • 60,000 concurrent users at any given time
  • Fastest public Wi-Fi in the Middle East & North Africa
  • Unlimited upload & download
  • 24*7 NOC
  • Highest uptime of 99.98%
  • Enhanced user experience across all business verticals: Properties, Malls, Hospitality, Retail & Entertainment
  • Scalable multi-layered secure distributed environment
  • Integrated with Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Neural Information Processing System & Robotic Process for NextGen Virtual Networks

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