Digital Signage

To ease customer journey in the largest mall in the world, the project is to assess, recommend & address physical signage within The Dubai Mall’s infrastructure.

Assessment & recommendations for mall signage:

  • Main attractions
  • Landmark stores
  • Guest Services Location
  • Public Transport Location
  • In-Mall Amenities
  • Parking Infrastructure

Assessment heuristics:

  • Look & feel
  • Culture
  • Direction
  • Accessibility
  • Simplicity
  • Consistency
Signage Circle
Signage Circle

Assessments were graded based on the heuristics to arrive at an impact score and recommendations to fix.

The resolution plan ensures the following are taken into account:

  • Scalability of the solution – ease of operating, updating & expansion
  • Visual triggers – use landmarks to provide memorable triggers
  • Universal visual design – use common icons & logos, reducing the need to translate into multiple languages
  • Culture – sign languages in English & Arabic in line with local culture
  • Limit navigation choices – reduce confusion in journeys
  • Decision points – provide information at key points in the journey
  • Use appropriate lighting – plasma vs LCD vs LED for best impact without disorientation
Bridge Signage
Bridge Signage

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